It’s been a busy day with high notes and low point…

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It’s been a busy day with high notes and low points. Right now I’m waiting to find out whether or not I’ll be going to the Wizards vs. Celtics game tonight. Tipoff is at 7:00 p.m. at the MCI Center. The good news is that Michael Jordan looks to be staying in DC for the duration. Wohoooooooooo!

Here’s the rest of my day in no official order……..

I heard from a friend of mine in NYC. One more layoff. He’s looking for a job and wondered if I knew of any openings here in the nation’s capitol. Another soul joining the thousands who are unemployed in the U.S.

I immediately thought of my friends while reading this post…. ‘I need to stop reading the paper. Between the war, the economy, and the state of unemployment, I keep getting depressed. In Bob Herbert’s op-ed today in the New York Times, he says “The U. S. is hemorrhaging jobs. 108,000 more jobs were lost in March. 2.4 million jobs have vanished in the last 2 years.”‘ .

Thousands are not alone…

* All About Jen

* Dole Bludger

* Get That Job

* Invisible Matrix

* Laid Off In America

* Where the Hell Did My Job Go?

So while I was searching for some obscure scientific fact online, I came across this little treasure (don’t ask). Check out the DC Metro Blog Map. I think this is ingenious.

And then I start thinking of my tendency to ‘information overload’ and before long I’m wondering how much is too much. It’s mindboggling – the websites, the blogs, the news outlets, the updates.

Today, I am overwhelmed.

And then I found this morsel taken from CFIF.ORG’s Freedom Line….

“There’s a Big Difference between Iraqi Sandstorms and Country Club Sand Traps

In what can only be described as a vile and opportunistic attempt to reinsert herself into the media spotlight, self-promoting feminist Martha Burk stooped to an all-time low last week when, on the steps of New York City Hall, she proclaimed: “With close to a quarter-million women in the armed services defending the values of the United States, many of them in Iraq, we think it is offensive to them for CBS to showcase a venue that excludes them.” Of course, Burk was referring to the network’s exclusive coverage of golf’s most prestigious tournament, the Masters, held at the private Augusta National Golf Club.

Burk espoused her abominable comparison just after the media — some of whom at one time even supported Burk — announced astonishment with comments she made in another speech to the Empowerment 2003 conference held last month at Joliet Junior College in Chicago, Illinois. Referring to the lack of female members of Augusta National, Burk commented that “Saddam Hussein is eligible; Margaret Thatcher is not. That shows you how absurd this all is.”

April Fool’s Day apparently came early this year as Burk was joined late last month by cohorts willing to play the fool with her by trying to link the war in Iraq with the Master’s dispute. For instance, Sandra Garrett of the National Council of Jewish Women is quoted as saying: “Is it OK for women to fight for our country on the battlefields of Iraq but not OK for them to tee up on the greens of Augusta National?”

Nevertheless, no matter how many professional feminists come out against Augusta National’s constitutional right to freely associate with whomever its members wish, the simple fact is that American soldiers in Iraq — our men and women in uniform — both are not and cannot be worried about whether they’ve got a good tee-time at Augusta, or will have one upon their safe return.”

Some people are idiots!


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