The Terrible Threes – an update Thanks to all o…

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The Terrible Threes – an update

Thanks to all of you who commented on this post. It’s reassuring to know that Xoloitzquintle, Sara and Texas T-Bone have successfully made the myth their reality.

And I didn’t mean to make these three guys appear unfeeling. I tried to get to the heart of their relationship issues to spare space, and I guess it made them read like they’re a bunch of callous morons. I’ve known each of these three for almost a decade and they’re like surrogate brothers to me.

Since the comment was made more than once, I seriously doubt any of them were coming to me with hopes of hooking up. They know I would never become anyone’s “mistress,” last of all theirs.

I agree that the primary issue with my three male friends is a lack of communication. The one thing that really bothers me most about the position of advisor is knowing they should be discussing these relationship issues with their lady loves, not me.

I think Chad and Radmila hit the nail on the head with my guy number 3. I think he’s waiting for his girlfriend to turn into someone else before he pops the question. Not that she’s a psycho. She’s just not meeting his expectations of who he imagined himself one day marrying. I think he is holding out in hopes of meeting someone “better” or who better fits the impression he’s nurtured. That’s something he’s going to have to get over and fast, before she makes the decision to kick his sorry arse to the curb. As for the fighting – it’s been constant over the past four months and about everything…. His travel schedule, his ambition and job-related responsibilities, her insistence on maintaining what he feels is an unrealistic social schedule, money, etc.etc.etc.

As for guy number 2 – I don’t know what he’s doing and frankly I don’t feel he deserves his fiancée. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, sweet. I wonder, what the hell is he looking for? I could kill him for cheating on her. A part of me sympathizes with his situation. But I have to question if maybe he’s trying to sabotage his relationship? Everyone tells him how fortunate he is to have found her. Maybe he doesn’t feel worthy? I don’t understand where he’s coming from at all.

As for guy number 1 – I just want to smack him upside the head. WHO uses the term “mistress” anymore anyway? He’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

Are these guys sabotaging the relationships they’re in to search for an ideal that doesn’t exist? I just don’t know… and you’re all right, it is depressing!


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