Where’s Your Allegiance?

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What is going on with this country?

A federal judge declared it unconstitutional to recite the pledge of allegiance in public schools today. What greater purpose does that serve? Really?

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by feelings of frustration at the direction this country is moving towards… a direction determined by special interests and lots of money. It’s a criticism of both political parties and the nation as a whole.

What are we becoming?

Perhaps I’m being naive. Maybe the U.S. (the land of the free, the home of the brave) has always catered to the whims of the loudest bully or the wealthiest citizen. It could be a case of magnifying a state of being because I just happen to be living through it instead of reading about it in books.

Or maybe I’m taking politics too seriously because it’s constantly in my face – from the whir of motorcade sirens, to casual conversations in grocery store lines, to headlines of local newspapers, to the weekend rallies and protests.

Does anyone else feel like our fearless leaders don’t have a clue? That everyone has sold their soul to a devil of choice and the rest of us be damned? Do I just need a vacation?


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