Brown is my new black

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 Black Suit

My wardrobe is comprised of one basic color – Black.

Enter my closet and you’ll find black suits with pin stripes, black suits with tiny cream dots, black matte suits, sheer black skirts and wide leg pants, black jeans, black slacks, black v-neck sweaters, black button-downs, and an entire section devoted to black velvet.

You can never go wrong with black… it’s so sleek and appropriate for every occasion.

I usually temper my black-claddedness with a light blue shirt or a lime green top (this summer’s cour de jour) or strappy crimson sandals.

Now that the temperature has finally cooled down, I moved some of my “autumn/winter” clothes from the storage closet to my bedroom closet.

This morning I strolled into a meeting and became anxious as the room grew eerily silent. Was I late? Did I have something on my face? Did I forget something?

“That color looks great on you.”

“Why don’t you wear earth tones more often?”

“I love that jacket.”

I was dressed in brown slacks, a peachy-colored v-neck sweater and a chocolate suede jacket. Maybe I’ve taken this “black is my color” thing too far. I don’t think I’ve received so many compliments since….well… let’s just say in a long time.

I’ll be doing some shopping this weekend.

What’s your color?


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