Killing Cinderella

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I grew up with the Wonderful World of Disney.

My first movie, seen at the drive-in from the hood of my aunt’s green Bug, was Bambi. I fantasized of guest-starring on the New Mickey Mouse Club. I carried a metal lunchbox to school, with the monorail running through various scenes from Disney World. I learned to tell time on my most prized possession — a Donald Duck watch, secured to my wrist by a big-girl white leather band (not plastic). And, of course, there was Cinderella’s Castle, which featured prominently in my dreams and daydreams.

I was a Disney Kid.

My parents stubbornly prescribed that their kids only watch G-rated movies. So while my friends were waiting in line to see Grease, I was stuck watching Pete’s Dragon and Return from Witch Mountain and Midnight Madness (which served as the inspiration for all those scavenger hunts in high school… but that’s another story).

And while my all-time favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid…. I have a soft-spot for Cinderella. Her step-sisters were oh-so-mean. And that wicked stepmother… tripping the valet so the glass slipper shattered on the marble floor. She was pure evil.

But now Disney is warping the whole point of the Cinderella story.

It’s such a classic because the moral is beloved – the underdog trumps the sure bet…. the poor kid rises from the ashes to great success…. better to be kind than selfish …. good karma will reward the humble servant and bad karma will fall on evil relatives… yada, yada, yada.

Consumerism is killing Cinderella.


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