Happy Spring

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It’s hard to believe it’s already spring.

Of course, the weather isn’t cooperating with Mother Nature’s sense of time. It feels more like January than end of March. What happened to the gorgeous 75 degree weather we were loving two weeks ago?

One of my best friends has been moaning and groaning this last month about how bored she is… about how the days and nights are so monotonous… about how nothing interesting happens anymore.

And while my feelings aren’t as extreme as hers, I have noticed that I’ve carved out a seven block area to live my life, rarely venturing outside those borders. Not on purpose mind you, but because that’s just the way my days and nights have worked out.

So, we’re going to rediscover DC.

There are tons of free lectures scheduled every night at the various museums in town, not to mention the fabulous Embassy events, and political fundraisers, and charity benefits, and readings at bookstores and the Library of Congress, and musical performances, and live theater.

I’ve taken my fine city for granted in the latter half of the decade I’ve lived in DC. I know its museums and parks and monuments are there, whenever I choose to seek them out. Living in Dupont Circle, in a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood, I’ve fallen into a routine … rarely venturing out to Capitol Hill or the waterfront or the Brookland neighborhoods.

I’m also known to patronize certain establishments… ie. bars and restaurants where I know the bartenders and/or owners. It’s easier to walk into a place where everyone knows your name — so to speak. And where your friends are sure they’ll find you, and you them.

The Washington Post and Washingtonian and Washington Citypaper are constantly reviewing the fabulous new restaurants opening all over the city. I’ve actually written some of them down, thinking “I’ve got to go there,” only to find out a year or so later that I missed my opportunity because the Brazilian restaurant closed to be replaced by a Thai place.

So to make a long story a little shorter, I think my online identity crisis has passed. I’ll be sharing my adventures into these once familiar places. Taking photos, offering opinions on lectures or performances or on the architecture…. in other words, a mishmash.

Sorry for being absent lately. I just had a few things I needed to work out…. a spring cleaning of sorts.


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