Jackie O

As a girl my idol was Jackie O. She was beautiful, smart, classy, articulate, always well put together. She grew up in Newport and married a Kennedy. She was a lady and I wanted to be just like her.

Over the holidays, I found a scrapbook I had kept of her… filled with magazine photos from Life and Vanity Fair and yellowed articles I clipped of Jackie as a socialite and an editor for DoubleDay.

Later, in college, I discovered Audrey Hepburn and would often return from a night out partying with frat boys to pop Breakfast at Tiffany’s into the VCR. That black dress, those pearls, the oversized sunglasses… I wanted to stand in front of a posh jewelry store, chew on a criossant, and gaze longingly at a lovely display window.

And while I was more familiar with the crazy antics of her wildchild Stephanie, I knew Grace Kelly was an American-born Princess.

Samantha Critchell writes today of the timeless trio — Jackie, Audrey and Grace.

I feel sad for young women today. Everywhere they look they see the antics of Paris, Lindsay and Britney… prime examples of who not to emulate.

Where are today’s trendsetters? Who are today’s role models and icons?


3 thoughts on “Icons

  1. I read a funny story once about Audrey Hepburn..apparently she hated filming that scene at the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s because she had to eat like 10 danish…and she hated danish!

  2. I never really had a woman I wanted to be like growing up — my heroes tended to be male (strangely enough). Women of the 70’s didn’t really epitomize the characteristics I wanted to have.

    Then again, I wanted to be Mr. Spock.

  3. How about Albright? J.K. Rowling? Hillary Clinton (stretch for me)?

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