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I am a huge fan of short fiction. I devour stories by Alice Adams, tasty morsels by Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway, decadent treats by Isabel Allende, dark chunks by Poe, and those wonderful America’s Best anthologies.

I picked up New Sudden Fiction the other day, and am enthralled with Stacey Richter’s “The Minimalist” and Leslie Pietrzyk’s “Pompeii.”

I wish I could write like them — but my brain just doesn’t marry images and words the way they do.

These stories are delicious torture.


One thought on “Short fiction

  1. 1) Where have you been? I gave up on you! And now you’ve snuck back on and I missed it.
    2) A new Sudden Fiction? I have several. Love them.
    3) What’s your GoodReads ID? I’ve been having a blast there.

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