Losing My Mind



This morning, on my way to recharge my phone, I got distracted by something on tv. So I walked into the kitchen, poured some cereal, and proceeded through my morning routine. As I brushed my teeth, I remembered that I had to recharge my cell battery. But then I misplaced my earrings and spent 10 minutes looking for them. On my way out the door, as I grabbed my phone to call a friend, I noticed one slim bar left in a flashing red battery icon.

I had forgotten to remember to recharge my phone!

I’ve noticed lately that I do this more and more often. I get up to grab a stamp, only to forget why I walked over to my desk. I’ll turn on the dishwasher, realizing too late that I had already washed those dishes. I remind myself to buy tokens for the laundry room, only to get to the basement with two filled bags of dirty clothes, detergent, and fabric softener and no way to run the machines.

Worse still, I’ll run into my neighbor in the laundry room and completely blank out her name. Until an hour later, while I’m playing Tetris on Gameboy, when I remember her name, her ex-boyfriend’s name, and the name she gave her new laptop.

Or while working, I’ll open a new tab to search for something, get sidetracked by incoming email or a phone call, turn back to the open tab with no recollection of what I needed to look for.

Is it ADD? Dementia? Early onset Alzheimer’s? Just another symptom of growing older?

So I’ve started paying attention to reports and new research on ways to improve memory. And though some studies recommend certain chocolate or moderate drinking or standing on your head while reciting the alphabet backwards, it seems that there are 10 basic ways to boost brain power:

1. Cardiovascular exercise for a least 30 minutes per day ie. a brisk walk

2. Daily cup of caffeinated coffee or soda

3. Green or black tea

4. Reduce stress and become a yoga enthusiast

5. Sleep

6. Eat foods like blueberries and grapes; include supplements like Omega-3 fatty acid, Thiamine, Niacin, and Vitamins B-6 and E

7. Use your brain — learn a language or how to play a musical instrument

8. Learn mnemonic techniques like a memory palace.

9. Organize your life — if you always place your keys on a peg beside the door, you won’t struggle to remember where you last put them.

10. Write in a journal everyday — even if you forget, you can always look back on your own private record.

Do you feel like you’re losing your mind? What do you do to better remember?


8 thoughts on “Losing My Mind

  1. I totally feel like I’m losing my mind, and I know what I need: more sleep! If only I could get the kids to cooperate….

  2. I’ve taken to putting all kinds of reminders into my cell. I can’t remember anything…and it’s really frustrating when I, like you, look at the open tab and can’t remember why I opened it.

  3. I try to recite things like the Pledge of Allegiance, the Gettysburg Address (my 8th grade history teacher made us memorize it), as many state capitals as I can remember, and an entire Catholic mass from beginning to end.

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  5. Mala, it’s as if you’re in my own head. I feel like I’m losing my mind as well. Or maybe I’m just trying to cram too many inconsequential things into it. Or my ability to not be distracted has deteriorated over time.

  6. I’ve been going through that lately, although there’s a good chance (chance? Make that a high probability) I’m entering paramenopause and hormones are mucking with me. I usually only have problems with my boss, who tends to throw a half dozen questions and commands at me all at once, and then gets upset when I didn’t catch one of them (or didn’t catch it while doing a backwards somersault).

    Taking slow time seems to work best for me, like a reset. Whatever it is — taking a walk, hanging with friends for the sole purpose of laughing ourselves silly, staring at the ceiling, daydreaming — that seems to let all the flying leaves in my head settle down so I can rake them up neatly.

    Oh, and writing things down. One place to have notes, always put the notes in that place, and remember to actually LOOK at the notes. If I can remember those three things, I’m usually ok.

  7. I need all the help I can get when it comes to improving my memory. I’m doing some of those things already, but maybe I should add a few more in. I’m sure every little bit helps!

  8. magnesium tablets are also good. But it’s 2012 folks. Dyslexia is another thing starting to appear more widely. Know it now, believe it later


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