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RT @MonicaAmarelo: Child deaths have fal

RT @MonicaAmarelo: Child deaths have fallen by almost 50% + vaccines are part of that story. Give to @unfoundation. http://ow.ly/FaqHI


Happy 2008


Happy New Year! What did you do on the first day of 2008?

I woke up early, a bit disoriented. What day is it? Oh yes — the first day of a brand spanking new year. And I had plans… big plans.

I was going to get to the gym by 9am, then jump in a Zipcar and buy groceries, budget for 2008, replace the black gloves and scarf I left in Massachusetts over Christmas, do five loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, set up a blog for my brother, and read through all my email.

But one look outside and I decided to burrow into my white down comforter and read one more chapter of The Third Secret. Ten chapters later, I put on the tea kettle and after a quick scan of the cupboards, convinced myself to put off that trip to social Safeway.

Naughty girl that I am, I almost talked myself out of doing laundry too. But three loads later, I was still reclined on the couch reading Steve Berry’s thriller.

I phoned some friends, left messages with family, and finally let go of my well laid plans and vegged out to the last six episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season3.

In all, a most comfortable start to the new year.