I’m sitting here, looking over some lists…. list…

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I’m sitting here, looking over some lists…. lists of things to do, of things to read, things to learn, places to go, events to make an appearance at….

On the one hand, I would be lost without my lists of lists. On the other I feel as though I’ve strangled all of the spontaneity from my life.

And then I wonder if it’s all really necessary (and a soft voice in my head emphatically says “YES!”).

So today’s project involves notifying press of the Genetics Conference taking place this weekend. A public conversation about behavioral genetics and society. Behavioral genetics – what’s that, you may ask?

It seeks to understand both the genetic and environmental contributions to individual variations in human behavior. Do you procrastinate because your father procrastinates and his father procrastinated and his father before him? Is there a gene you can switch off to insure your punctuality in the future? Do you have free will or was it all preprogrammed? Are behaviors pre-programmed?

[and here we go to debate over nurture vs. nature]


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