Overheard on the metro Overheard on the metro thi…

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Overheard on the metro

Overheard on the metro this morning:

Twenty-something brunette in front of me on the escalator, shouting into her cell phone– “I had no idea he was soooooo republican. Of course I can’t see him again. If I had only known….I mean, I know people who say they’re republican but he really WAS.”

Sometimes I really despise living in this city. And it’s all because of the wonderful people who share it with me.

But then, I’ll wake up on a Saturday morning to sunlight streaming through my window. I’ll decide to play tourist for the day and delight in the architecture, the history and the wonders hidden from view. I’ll shoot an inspired photo of the World War I Memorial or climb the steps leading to the public library in Georgetown. And then, I’ll remember why I love being here so much.


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