6.1 Percent U.S. Unemployment Rate Marks Highest…

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6.1 Percent U.S. Unemployment Rate Marks Highest Level in Nine Years

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that the “unemployment rate peaked to a level not seen since emerging from the last recession in July 1994 when the jobless rate was at 6.1 percent.” And according to Leigh Strope of the Associated Press, “the jobless rate still is expected to move higher – to as high as 6.5 percent.”

How depressing!

Meanwhile in the news today, George W welcomed Portugal’s Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso to the White House this morning.

They stood together in the Oval Office for a photo opp where …..

“He [Bush] praised him [Barroso] as a man of candor and honesty whose advice and friendship he values.”

Barroso replied, “We’ll stand by you, because I think that what you have been doing is really great achievement. We have won the war; now we all have to win the peace.”

Apparently he forgot about the American troops that mistreated two Portuguese journalists during 72 hours of detention, denying them food and water and making them stand overnight in the cold. Luis Castro and Victor Silva of Radio Televisao Portuguesa (RTP) were accused of being spies when taken into custody. One of them was beaten, thrown to the floor and kicked after pleading with soldiers to be allowed to call his wife.

Such is life………


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