Depleting resources My air conditioner blasts o…

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Depleting resources

My air conditioner blasts on high 24/7. At 6:00 a.m., my television turns on to herald a new day. I flip a series of light switches on my way to the narrow, windowless kitchen. Every morning I fill a kettle with water, turn on the gas and then step into a steaming hot shower.

I know I should do my part to save the environment and conserve energy. Deep down, a tiny voice whispers that these resources won’t last forever and my air conditioning, light sources, and tea kettle are part of the problem. But, hey – my utilities are included and I live in the land of plenty right?

Apparently not. U.S. News & World Report reports that the U.S. is starting to look overseas for supplies of natural gas.

‘”There is no way we can be self-sufficient,” Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told a congressional committee recently. Greenspan decided to speak out after observing that the price of contracts for natural gas deliveries several years out were skyrocketing past those of oil. ‘

The Department of Energy (DOE) predicts natural gas use will increase 52 percent by 2025 while production will rise only 35 percent.

It’s bad enough that our policymakers go into panic mode when they consider our depleting oil reserves. What will happen now that our domestic supply of natural gas is running short? What are our options? And how open is the American public to investing in alternative sources of energy?


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