Deadlines In my real job, I’m fairly good about…

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In my real job, I’m fairly good about meeting deadlines. I mean, in the world of 24/7 news when everyone wants everything yesterday, you kind of have to be (unless you want to get fired).

And then there are my *other* deadlines.

I joined this one social group to meet some new friendly singles (everyone turned out to be over 45, married or divorced w/kids and expects ME to bring in the under 35 crowd to the group – that so backfired) and to score complementary (FREE) tickets to the inaugural ball of our future democratic President in 2004 (a would-be grand total savings of about $500).

In exchange for those perceived benefits, I volunteered to layout the monthly newsletter. Which, of course, has turned into the biggest hassle ever.

But I can’t get myself to tell them exactly where to go the next time they have an editorial change. They’re all older, and lonely, with way too much free time on their hands and well versed in laying “le guilt trip.” Of course, the stories provide endless entertainment for my friends late night over drinks.

So here’s my point – I was supposed to get the review draft into the head honcho on Friday morning. It’s Monday evening and I haven’t started putting it together yet. Am I trying to get them to fire me so I don’t have to tell them to find some other sucker to lay out the newsletter? (BTW – ditto goes for the group’s non-existent website that has a launch date of September).

And this isn’t the first time…. I’ll learn about some new group that needs help, get really excited about what I think I’ll eventually get in return. I’ll contact them and ingratiate myself with the group’s leaders, getting them to depend on me in exchange for *something* (like free tickets or meeting hot rugby players). Then my interest wanes as more attractive offers compete for my time. And finally instead of quitting like a grown-up, I do something (like miss deadlines) to get them to replace me with someone less devious and more dependable.


How old am I?


And today seems to be redesign day on the web. Check out the new looks of Spoonfed and Corn Smut.


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