Some people don’t know how to take a hint I che…

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Some people don’t know how to take a hint

I checked my voice mail because I’m meeting friends out in an hour and needed to find out where. Well, to my chagrin I listened to a message left by a guy who just can’t take a hint.

We were good friends once. I met him at freshman orientation in college. My roommate adored him and for 2 years we went everywhere together. Best friends 4-eva.

To make a long story short —> I transferred schools, he dropped out and moved to LA, met some shady characters and picked up a nasty little drug habit. Over the next 10 years we exchanged postcards and randomly stayed in touch until he moved to MD. After he moved to town, I introduced him to my friends and we’d meet out every now and then, but the drugs became a HUGE issue.

So last year, I decided to stop hanging out with him. He still leaves messages on my voice mail. And now he’s moving into the city — to my neighborhood. I don’t return his calls, don’t reply to his messages…. what more can I do? What do I do?

And why doesn’t he take my year-long silence as a hint?


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