Some people deserve to be voted off the planet …

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Some people deserve to be voted off the planet
The day is hot and humid. The sky is overcast, but the rain is slow to fall and offer some relief. It’s a miserable August day.
I was a little slow grabbing lunch today. I walked over to Cosi and was surprised by the long lines. I grabbed a salad and stood behind a young mother struggling with two little children and a cranky baby in her arms.
We were inching forward when this prissy cow marches through the front door, brushes aside the woman with kids in tow, and slams a tall cup of something in front of the cashier. In between the baby crying, the mom shushing, the dirty looks and loud comments coming from the people standing behind me, and the cashier explaining that she really had to go to the end of the line – I figured out that all this fuss was over a chai latte (vanilla and not spicy).
I wanted to kick her scrawny arse all the way back to Manhattan. The least this stupid New Yorker could have done was let the poor mom go ahead and take care of her kids.
But nooooooooooooooooo… the world had to stop, the manager had to be found and another grande chai latte had to be poured before the rest of us got any service.
Some people don’t deserve to share the air I breathe. If they’re going to be that self-absorbed I think they should find their own planet to fester on.
I know the theme of the day has been help thy neighbor… see Adam’s Silver Linings and Yeti’s Common Humanity…. but I’m not willing to consider that beneath all that hot air shines a heart of gold in that inconsiderate witch.


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