An orange a day will keep the doctor away Loadi…

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An orange a day will keep the doctor away

Loading up on Vitamin C may prevent damage caused by second-hand smoke.

That’s good news for me… after last night’s smoky bars.

Which brings me to smoking. DC is a smoker’s mecca – considering smoking is banned in California and New York and Delaware andMassachusetts.

On my travels I’ve noticed fewer airports with smoking rooms (LAX still has one) and less people smoking period.

But you’d never know this nationwide trend by walking the streets of DC. Everyone smokes…. walking on sidewalks, in cabs, in restaurants, in front of monuments, in between softball innings. Most of the people I know are smokers, have recently quit, or are ex-smokers. I know one person who quit smoking for more than five years, moved to DC, and picked up the habit again.

Looks like I’ll be stocking up on that Vitamin C.


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