Changing direction It doesn’t feel like a Thurs…

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Changing direction

It doesn’t feel like a Thursday – that spark of possibility knowing the weekend is right around the corner. It’s a gray, nothing sort of day. A day when the mind is allowed to wander to wherever. And right now, mine is in Lisbon (in the middle of their heatwave).

Do you ever wonder where you’d go or what you’d do if someone approached you with the opportunity to change your life? Are you perfectly happy where you’re at – or would you move? And where? Would you continue working at what you’re doing now? Or would you choose to pursue a different career? Like what?

let’s assume, if you’re married with or without children, that your loved ones would be thrilled with whatever you decide

I think I’d like to move to Lisbon and wait on tables. I’d eventually freelance and maybe learn how to sing fado.


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