Digging for answers in the past I’ve often wond…

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Digging for answers in the past

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to traipse across the globe like a female Indiana Jones, mining for ancient trinkets and the buried treasure of everyday life long forgotten.

What did Heinrich Schliemann do when he realized he’d unearthed the walls of Troy? What a thrill it must have been to rediscover Pompeii.

Well archaeologists are at it again – digging deep to reveal the ancient city of Pozzuoli in Italy.

Meanwhile, in Rome, a group of 35 archaeologists are excavating to determine whether Caligula really was a megalomaniac or if his whims were widely exaggerated after his death.

The verdict = he was off his rocker.

“It’s like someone — a president or a king or you know, Bill Gates — turning St. Peter’s into their entrance hall,” Darius Arya, one of the directors of the excavation, said during a break from the dig in the Roman Forum in the heart of Italy’s capital.

I sometimes wonder what future archaeologists will think of us when they unearth our cities.


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