So long Savannah Am back in DC after four days …

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So long Savannah
Am back in DC after four days of debauchery in Savannah. It really is such a pretty little city. Two thumbs up to anyone who’s thinking about heading down there.
On Friday, we hung out on River Street and met other tourists. While drinking spirits at Kevin Barry’s, these two guys approached my friend and I at the bar. The city was sold out for the weekend – not a hotel room to be found – so they started making offers for our second bed. Even though they were from North Carolina, they were no southern gentlemen. Craziness!
(needless to say, we never did find out where they ended up spending the night.)
Saturday afternoon, we explored the historic district, discovering the city with our own walking tours (Did you know Savannah is the 8th most walkable city in the United States?) and riding the trolley when it got too hot. We polled the natives every chance we got to find out where they all hung out after the sun went down…. and ended up at a string of Irish bars starting with O’Connell’s.
On Sunday we toured the Telfair Museum of Art and strolled through the galleries of City Market. We wrapped up the day stopping by the Waving Girl and then Moonriver.
It was the most relaxing time I’ve spent in a while. Everyone we met was outgoing and didn’t seem bothered by all of our questions. It was the perfect mixture of live music, history, ghost tales, art, and fun times.
I don’t recommend going there in August (when there’s significant heat and humidity), but do give the lovely city two thumbs up!


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