Football mania There are some major football fa…

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Football mania

There are some major football fans parading the streets of DC today. The party starts today at 3:30.

I enjoy going to football stadiums, like catching the games on tv, but drive most guys I know crazy. Nope – I don’t talk through games or ask stupid questions. I know football.

But I have no team loyalty.

My system is simple, pretty cut and dry. If a northern team is playing a southern team (with the exception of the Dolphins), I root for the northern team. If an east coast team plays a west coast team (with the exception of the 49er’s), I cheer on the east coast team. If two teams from the same geographic location play, say the Giants and Pats, I’ll cheer on the Pats because, hey, I grew up in New England.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Bears (LOVED Jim McMahon and Mike Ditka), Bills (because they need to win a Super Bowl and Doug Flutie played for them), and Green Bay (LOVE Brett Favre). And when the Redskins play the Ravens, I support whomever scores the first touchdown.

Very fickle – I know. But a step better from cheering according to uniform color.

What’s your team?


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