Too much or not enough? William Powers of the N…

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Too much or not enough?

William Powers of the National Journal asked the most brilliant question.

“Does America not care about politics because the media doesn’t cover it, or because we cover it to excess?”

Living in DC, you can’t help but follow politics. Even if your job has nothing to do with legislation or the government, the local news and conversations overheard on the Metro or in bars will keep you informed. It’s part of the city’s culture.

I’m always surprised when I meet people – I recently chatted with people from Florida and Worcestor, Mass. – who don’t know who their elected officials are. Don’t know, don’t care.

Or speak with college friends I graduated with who don’t vote. I can’t understand that – but, then again, I’ve voted via absentee ballot in the past. I vote all the time. I believe my vote makes a difference.

How do you feel about politics? Have you ever thought about running for public office? Do you vote? Is the media doing a good job explaining the issues? Or is more information needed?

Feel free to comment anonymously. I know some people like to keep their political habits private. I’m just curious.


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