Life imitating art imitating life I’ve been on …

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Life imitating art imitating life

I’ve been on a film kick, renting movies but not putting much faith in today’s cinema. Is it just me or have this year’s flicks been complete rubbish?

A couple weeks ago, I dished out $14 (ticket and diet coke, no popcorn) to see Pirates of the Caribbean. And I have to admit that I am a little excited to catch Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Coincidentally, American bad boy Johnny Depp stars in both.

Will I be entertained? I have little doubt, but neither movie is a cinematic masterpiece.

These are the ones I’ve been taking home….

Vertigo: One of DC’s film festivals scheduled the redigitized version of this Alfred Hitchcock classic, but I was out of town and missed it. Feeling dissatisfied as I strolled through the “New Release” section of the rental store, I found myself browsing through the classics. Two thumbs up! I was kicking myself for not having seen this earlier (it was my first time). I’ll be in Hollywood Heaven if the rest of Hitchcock’s work is as riveting as Vertigo, Psycho, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and The Birds.

Cleopatra: I also grabbed the film that fueled Burton and Taylor’s love affair. Although some parts dragged, it was a 98% improvement over my options currently playing at a theatre near you. I wonder why this movie didn’t make AFI’s top 100 list?

Secretary: A good friend of mine recommended this film and he’s a fairly good judge of what interests me. To quote him – “Maggie Gylenhaal is one of the best never-heard-of actresses in Hollywood. She’s had bit parts in Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Donnie Darko. This movie is ‘out there’, yet it really boils down to a love story (albeit, a weird one). And kudos to James Spader for a fantastic performance. All around a fun – if disturbing – film.” And I agree 100%. I really enjoyed this one and found myself laughing through most of it (I don’t know what that says about me exactly, but, that was my reaction). Two thumbs up!

Birthday Girl: Why does Nicole Kidman agree to star in horrible films like this one, Malice and Far And Away (well, I guess her ex-hubby had a lot to do with that last one)? Don’t waste your precious time on this one… do something meaningful like organize the kitchen drawers instead.

About a Boy: I’m adding this one to my private collection. Hugh Grant is hit or miss (don’t bother with Two Weeks Notice). THIS was definitely a hit! I too believe that every man is an island connected by island chains.

That’s my 2 cents on the state of movies in America. I’m going to work my way through the Hitchcock collection and AFI’s picks for the last century – but does anyone have any movie favorites they want to pass my way? I like indies, am not a huge fan of chick flicks (unless they’re really well done like When Harry Met Sally), can tolerate most foreign or art-house films, and love action adventure. Drama good, goofy comedy bad (I do not like Jim Carrey).

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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