The stupidest girl in DC I stayed home yesterda…

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The stupidest girl in DC

I stayed home yesterday…. spent most of the day lounging on the couch, reading Jose Saramago’s most controversial novel, O EVANGELHO SEGUNDO JESUS CHRISTO.

At 3:00 p.m., imagine my surprise when I turned on the boob tube to catch Dr. Phil, to find breaking news and Capitol Hill in chaos. Apparently, some brainiac of a staffer decided to bring a toy gun into work.

When do those Darwin awards come out? I have a nomination.

The gun was part of a “Sydney Bristow” costume. Ordinarily, no. big. deal….. ordinarily as in PRE-2001. Security is everywhere – not only visible throughout Washington, DC, but most U.S. cities. We’ve grown accustomed to a lower tolerance for what is and isn’t considered a possible threat.

WHAT was this moron thinking when she decided to pack her toy gun for work? And did the Capitol Police overreact by sending in SWAT teams and evacuating the building floor by floor? Could the situation have been handled differently or is everyone satisfied with the way the authorities handled the situation? Did this make national news or did it just permeate the District airwaves?


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