And then life happens What a morning! It start…

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And then life happens

What a morning!

It started off as I planned… I woke up early, worked out, ate breakfast (is there a blue moon coming up?), and took off for the Red Line. There was drizzle in the air, but for the first time in months I was early and impressed by how much I’d already accomplished. I bought today’s Post and headed toward the platform.

Two surprises:

1) a mass of people stood, sat, leaned… all waiting for the next train.

2) there were a lot of beautiful people scattered through that crowd.

A quick glance at the time read 7:52 a.m. The few times I’d made it to the station that early it was empty… or barely empty. And the people waiting with me were usually older and still half asleep or enthusiastic but at the dorky end of the spectrum.

I leaned against the wall and watched this threesome standing in front of me. A tall Adonis with black curly hair, still damp, and ice blue eyes, wearing a niiiiiiiiice pinstripe suit was talking to a girl with honey blond hair that fell in cascades down her back. She looked as if she’d stepped out of an ad for Chanel suits. I immediately coveted her burgundy and bisque Mary Jane heels. A towering blond guy with dimples completed this lovely trio.

Had I slipped through an alternate reality? Guys in DC just aren’t *this* goodlooking (no offense to my fellow Washingtonians. Guys, you’ve got charm, charisma, intelligence, and most are very, very cute – but few are Hollywood gorgeous).

The lights blinked letting everyone know the train was arriving. And it was packed. People were squished into those cars like human m&ms in a mega tube.

I turned up the volume of my discman, determined to wait for the next train, and spotted some more uncommonly beautiful people.

Thirty six minutes and four packed trains later, I hit the escalator, left the station and started looking for a cab. I should have been at work 5 minutes ago…. and I had started off so well.

I hailed a cab, got in and the driver starts chatting away. He takes the scenic route, turning a 5 minute ride into a 15 minute drive through the city. I asked if anything special was going on in DC. Not to his knowledge. And he starts going on and on about how he could tell I was from Massachusetts because people from California and Massachusetts are the friendliest in the country.

Did he just compare California with Massachusetts?

A huge grin spread over my face as I imagined the protests from my friends and family in Massachusetts. “Warm? Friendly? Who was he kidding? Has he ever BEEN to Massachusetts? We’re cold. We’re mean. We’re not warm and friendly. And we’re not loonies like those wackjobs on the west coast.”

It’s 9:30 a.m. and I feel as though I’ve already lived through a couple adventures. I wonder what else the day has in store for me. Because I honestly believe, it’s going to be one of those days.


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