What do we learn from ancient civilizations? I …

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What do we learn from ancient civilizations?

I have always enjoyed reading about ancient ruins and discoveries. Or “rediscoveries” – as the case may be. In fact, if I had the freedom to do anything, I’d become a globetrotter, visiting these sites and join the select club of individuals who photograph and write about these civilizations.

Not quite an archaeologist – I’d slowly lose my mind bent over a mound, patiently brushing away centuries of dirt to reveal a broken arrowhead or splint of bone – but more like a travel-reporter-anthropologist.

The American/Britain team led by Gary Zeigler and Hugh Thomson have discovered their second Incan city in two years.

Llactapata is located 50 miles northwest of the Inca capital Cusco and aligned with Machu Picchu. This alignment encouraged the expedition to consider the city’s ritual significance as a ceremonial site.

What do we learn, if anything, when these cities are rediscovered? Has anyone ever visited Peru’s Incan sites?

Machu Picchu is a favorite with the Today Show team, sending Matt Lauer there during his annual “Where in the World” series. Unfortunately, the ancient site is showing signs of wear and tear from the significant increase in tourism. I’ve decided this moment, that I will visit next year. I’m going to plan a trip to Peru. And while I’m there, I’ll be sure to fly over the Nazca Lines.

Does anyone have any theories on how these supposedly unsophisticated, ancient people drew enormous pictograms in the sand? My inquiring mind wants to know.


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