How is this not a gender issue? Angela Anthony …

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How is this not a gender issue?

Angela Anthony and Iesha Miller have been best friends since they “were knee high and do everything together.” Everything, including ruling over the Homecoming Court as King and Queen of Hayward High.

Isn’t the whole point of the “court” to recognize an outstanding female and male? Why are people compelled to make political statements out of EVERYTHING? How did tradition become such an ugly concept?

Isn’t the whole point of the exercise to honor a female (the Queen) and a male (the King)?

KING: noun. Son of noble kin; a male ruler of a nation or state usually called a kingdom; a man who is supreme or highly successful in some field; a male supreme in his class.

A disservice was made to the boys of Hayward High School. They were beaten by popularity.

The administrators of that school aren’t doing Angela Anthony any favors. In real life, exceptions to the rule are rarely made.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with American youth is that they expect to have everything handed to them in life. And when they don’t get it, they throw violent tantrums and break down.


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