Some days I can be such a bitch Everyone of my …

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Some days I can be such a bitch

Everyone of my friends and family know I write. They know in addition to writing, I edit. So, there are days when I’ll open my inbox to find a research paper written by my 17-year-old cousin that needs proofreading. Or a mid-term report from my dad that needs to be edited down and reformatted. Or a story that needs to be fleshed out before the “real writing” begins.

One thing I hate, truly despise, is getting a message that reads “Tell me what you think” with an attachment that is not only incomprehensive, but runs rampant with factual error. The unspoken assumption is that I’ll rewrite it… because I care about the person.


A few emails shoot back and forth. Instead of responding in a calm and mature manner, I completely lose my head and write back that not only is the paper a piece of trash, but the individual is stupid. STUPID! A fourth grader could do a better job.

I don’t offer much in constructive criticism – preferring to cover the word document in bold red marks, slashing out words and paragraphs, before sending it back with the message, “Don’t waste my time.”

And now I feel awful – although I don’t understand why the person lied to me, saying the attachment was a 3rd draft (when it so obviously was thrown together without making any sense).

I could have handled things better. I might have taken the high road. I should have stopped at the fourth email reply.

I know my friend thinks I completely overreacted… that I was way out of line for making it personal by throwing insults. I did apologize for the “Stupid” remark – but it doesn’t help that I know I never should have made that comment in the first place.

(insert intense frustration here)

Tell me something came up. Tell me you didn’t understand the assignment. Tell me a study buddy didn’t do their share of the work. Tell me anything but “that’s the best I can do.”

Because that’s an insult to you and me.


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