My Life Without Me

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 My Life Without Me

This movie was a pleasant surprise. Ann, a 23-year-old married mother of two vivacious little girls, finds out she has 3 months to live. She keeps this news from her husband, mother and friends, deciding instead to take control of her life and make the most of the the time she has left.

She makes a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies and sets out to complete each item on her list.

What would you do? If you collapse one day and go to a doctor to find out what’s wrong and he tells you there’s a tumor that’s spreading from your stomach to your liver to your lungs and there’s nothing they can do to help you….. what would your list look like?

I don’t think I’d tell anyone. I wouldn’t want my last precious moments to be spent cooped up in some hospital.

Things to do before I die:
1. Take 2 weeks off work and visit my family.
2. Drink and smoke as much as I wanted.
3. Always say what was on my mind.
4. Fall deeply, madly and passionately in love with someone.
5. Publish something – so a part of me would always live on.
6. Talk to an attorney and file a living will – specifying that all viable organs are to be donated. Make it failproof so no one could contest it.
7. Go sailing.
8. Spend a long romantic weekend at the El Conquistador in Puerto Rico.
9. Sing and dance everyday.
10. Say “I love you” to the people I care about everyday.

It’s a lame list – I’ll have to give this some thought and revisit it later, but it’s a start.


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