Autumn is in the Air

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What happened to summer?

A crisp undercurrent greeted me on my walk to work. The air wasn’t quite as stifling as the day before.

I pulled my black leather dayplanner towards me and noted that all of the major events planned this summer have come and gone…. The dedication of the World War II Memorial on the National Mall – Check. Cicadas – Check. Friends down for the Fourth of July – Check. The DNC Convention in Boston – Check. The Prince Concert – Check. The Olympics in Greece – Check. The RNC Convention in NYC – Almost checked.

Time flew by and I feel as though I’ve accomplished little, if nothing. Well… not counting my professional epiphany at the end of August.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, taking many career assessment surveys, spending countless hours driving friends crazy with talk of fate and destiny over drinks. The conclusion? I’m tired of relying on others to provide for my livelihood. I’m talking about “the salary.”

Sooooo I’m taking the bold step of starting my own company… while searching for a new job that will keep me afloat in cash and benefits til my business can stand on its own. I’m realistic. I think. Or scared to rely completely on my abilities to survive. I mean, the monthly rent isn’t going away anytime soon. Or the weddings. And the birthdays.

But I’ve got to try this because in my gut I feel it’s the only way I’ll achieve the excitement that I crave in my life.

My parents will try to talk me out of it. My friends think I’m nuts. Most small businesses don’t survive to see year five. Whatever – I’ve always been a believer in Frost’s “road less traveled.”

Stay tuned for updates on my corporate adventure and wish me luck!


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