What else have I forgotten to remember?

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I found an empty tube leaning against one of the counters in the office workroom. It was white cardboard, about the length of my arm and the perfect size for a poster I wanted to bring home.

I grabbed the cylinder and walked back to my office, my mind sorting through an endless list of tasks and deadlines. And suddenly I stopped.

Without thinking about it, I’d been twirling the packing tube like a baton. And then, to my horror, all these memories came flooding back… images of a much younger, little me in pleated skirts throwing batons in the air and doing routines.

I’d completely forgotten.

How is that possible? I remember the gymnastics… learning to do cartwheels and roundoffs and back walk-overs. But the twirling – I’d somehow blocked. Forgotten. Until this afternoon, when autopilot kicked in and I started twirling my cardboard tube.

What else have I forgotten? Has this ever happened to you?


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