One Moment Can Change Your Life

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Sometimes all it takes is one moment to completely turn your world upside down.

Last year, I worked full-time for a prestigious organization that provided me with a steady paycheck, full benefits, and a company-matched-retirement-fund.

I loved my work, but hated my job. After more than three years with the same organization, I was desperate for more money, more fun and something different.

It only took one moment to change all of that.

I entered my boss’s office for our weekly meeting to go over the budget and calendar to establish the priorities for the month. As my eyes scanned the long list of looming deadlines, my head began to throb. I stood up, shut the office door, and informed my supervisor that it was time for me to go.

That’s how one moment, I was gainfully employed with a magnificent corner office on the top floor of a fabulous building downtown, and the next moment, I was an entrepreneur standing in the middle of Staples examining the features of color-coordinated fax machines and printers.

One moment.

I gave my two weeks notice and put off telling anyone outside of my work colleagues about the new turn in my career. Of course, I knew I had to inform my friends and family before my last official day at the office because it would be oh-so-awful if they phoned me at work only to be informed that I was no longer employed there.

The call to my parents was the worst. They thought I was mad. And could I reconsider. And what in hell was I thinking. My friends were excited and took me out for an impromptu celebration over expensive cocktails and minimalist decor. My brother was thrilled because he also had an announcement for my parents and my news cushioned his blow. His girlfriend is pregnant.

Another moment.

One second I’m a swinging single thirty-something entrepreneur, daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. The next moment I’m an AUNTIE!

How thrilling! (I can’t wait to spoil my little niece rotten)

Most times, change occurs in itty bits, so that you don’t quite notice how much weight you’re gaining from day to day, or the second you become fluent in Portuguese, or how you managed to charge $5,000 to your credit card account.

But sometimes, on rare occasions, your universe can change in one moment.


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