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mobile office

The main reason I was missing in action from the blogosphere is because I was setting up my own shop.

I left the world of full-time gainful employment in November 2004 with enough money saved to carry me through May 2005.

The first couple weeks were heaven. I met with my designer, approved the logo and slogan, put the website online and planned a marketing campaign. I slept til noon, worked til 2:00 a.m., and was the envy of all my friends.

December was a flurry of meetings with well-meaning colleagues (all dispensing advice before scurrying back to their offices), aching wrists from hours of typing email announcements, and creative Christmas gift-giving.

January passed quickly. Almost 1,000 postcards were mailed to prospective clients announcing I was ready for business. The first week passed – but I figured people were still on vacation. The second week came and went. The third Sunday, I picked up the Washington Post and glanced at the job listings (just out of curiosity). The fourth week I got my first official client!

AND breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

A mere 10 weeks later I have six clients and more work than I can handle. And having oh-so-much fun. AND am the envy of all my friends and family.

Last week I worked out of Denver, CO. My hours were a little screwy because I was up early handling East Coast clients at 6:00 a.m. mountain time – but I’m not complaining. Next week I’ll be working from Boston, Mass., and Lisbon, Portugal – talk about a screwy work schedule. In June, I’ll be open for business from New Orleans, LA. And in July, I’m planning a two-week Independence Day extravanganza in Newport, RI.

I’ve invested heavily in technology…. I started off with one clunky laptop and am now the proud owner of three ultra-portable, wireless, lite-weight machines. Am a huge fan of cruzer micro drives! Own two digital cameras. And a cellphone with international calling capabilities.

I am a sleek, mobile office. Need a PR campaign – I can work from anywhere and am available to work with you on-site.

So between the euphoria of actually leaving the predictable world of 9-5 life, to the rush of holiday madness, and the sudden crash of panic in January, to the crazed schedule that has become my new life – it was difficult to either find topics to blog about or the time.

I’m a bit more settled now and look forward to sharing my experience with others who are thinking of leaving the daily grind to strike out on a venture of their own.


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