Shopping for a new phone

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I love gadgets. Especially hi-tech, hi-speed, wifi gadgets. Especially when they’re shiny and sleek and slim and take photos and videos and keep your calendar current AND make phone calls.

Today’s cell phone companies manufacture products with an endless list of features.

You can purchase a cell phone that – in addition to providing caller ID, conference call capabilities and voicemail (Duh) – will:

– Make calls over a Wi-Fi VoIP Connection
– Shoot photos
– Capture short video clips
– Surf the web
– Check Email
– Send short messages or use an instant messenger
– Listen to music by using MP3 and AAC files
– Play Tetris, Solitaire and Pacman
– Watch TV like CNN news segments, short clips from shows like The Daily Show and music videos
– Watch original programming (with a service like MobiTV or V Cast)

And that’s not all…. now Orange, a cellular carrier in the UK, is providing cell phone users with the option to Etch-a-Sketch.

I mean, seriously… when will phone companies produce an inexpensive phone that will work in all 50 states and abroad?

I need to replace my cell phone and fast (the casing cracked and retrieving voicemail is an uphill battle). I’m looking at Sprint’s Samsung IP-A790 but cringe at the $400 price tag. Unfortunately it’s the only phone I know of that is unlocked – so it can use foreign SIM cards (unlike it’s Verizon counterpart) – and will place calls on PCS and GSM frequencies.

If anyone knows of a less expensive alternative, I’m all ears.


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