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Signature Scent

L’eau D’Issey

One night many years ago, I was catching up with high school pals during Christmas Break when my friend Adam blurted the strangest thing.

“I smelled you last month.”

What he meant to say was, he’d smelled someone wearing Sung. And while his comment made me smile, it also stayed with me.

I’ve always been a monogamous girl when it comes to fragrance.

In elementary school I wore honeysuckle by Avon bottled in a frosted glass teddy bear. I wore it everyday until the scent was discontinued on the eve of my entering junior high.

It took a little while before I found Primo, a knock-off of the more expensive Giorgio. I think back now and wrinkle my nose. I must have wreaked of Primo – considering the scent was sprayed on with a slender aluminum can (groans inwardly). But in the time of tight-rolled pants and skinny ties, jelly bracelets and paisley patterns, I stayed true.

By the time I reached high school, I’d moved from Maybelline to Clinique and from Primo to the more expensive and more sophisticated Poison. Every morning, before strapping on my Swatch, I’d spritz my wrists with a little Poison.

Granted, every now and then I’d be tempted by something lighter like Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower or Estee Lauder’s Beautiful but I never strayed for long. Until, the summer before my senior year when I discovered Sung.

Alfred and I had a long affair, lasting well over seven years. In fact I’d never gone so long with the same scent. Even my beloved honeysuckle didn’t last that long. I imagined each time someone I knew well caught a whiff of Sung, they’d think of me.

So I decided to switch things up a bit, broke off with Alfred, and moved on to Issey Miyake.

Though I’m not as faithful. Most days I wear L’Eau D’Issey, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a little Flowers – usually in the fall and winter. And for real memorable occasions, I bring out the Must and dab those drops of heaven on my pulse points.

What’s your signature scent?


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A hellish paradise


I’ve had a love affair with books my entire life.

As a girl I dreamt of the enormous library I’d create in my grown-up house, complete with wall-to-wall bookcases, overstuffed leather chairs and window seats.

My home is perfect for me. When I imagine an ideal home, it is my apartment.

When you step into my apartment, the first thing you notice is the books. They’re everywhere… overflowing off book shelves, piled high on the floor, in stacks covering the dining room table, organized in columns rising from the oversized glass coffeetable, laying neatly on the bedside table.

I own hardcover books, and leatherbound books, and paperbacks; non-fiction and fiction written in English and Portuguese and French. And they’re all priceless to me.

And I promise myself I won’t buy more. Not until I finish reading all of them. But I can’t resist. Because a favorite author will release a new novel, or the reference books will be on clearance, or I’ll be in one of four area bookstores where I have a discount card.

I’m like Carrie – but instead of $40,000 worth of shoes, I’m investing $40,000 in BOOKS.

And then I look around and realize I’m toeing a fine line between someone who really really really loves books, and one of those crazies featured on Dateline.

I think it’s time to move into a larger apartment.

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Shopping for a new phone


I love gadgets. Especially hi-tech, hi-speed, wifi gadgets. Especially when they’re shiny and sleek and slim and take photos and videos and keep your calendar current AND make phone calls.

Today’s cell phone companies manufacture products with an endless list of features.

You can purchase a cell phone that – in addition to providing caller ID, conference call capabilities and voicemail (Duh) – will:

– Make calls over a Wi-Fi VoIP Connection
– Shoot photos
– Capture short video clips
– Surf the web
– Check Email
– Send short messages or use an instant messenger
– Listen to music by using MP3 and AAC files
– Play Tetris, Solitaire and Pacman
– Watch TV like CNN news segments, short clips from shows like The Daily Show and music videos
– Watch original programming (with a service like MobiTV or V Cast)

And that’s not all…. now Orange, a cellular carrier in the UK, is providing cell phone users with the option to Etch-a-Sketch.

I mean, seriously… when will phone companies produce an inexpensive phone that will work in all 50 states and abroad?

I need to replace my cell phone and fast (the casing cracked and retrieving voicemail is an uphill battle). I’m looking at Sprint’s Samsung IP-A790 but cringe at the $400 price tag. Unfortunately it’s the only phone I know of that is unlocked – so it can use foreign SIM cards (unlike it’s Verizon counterpart) – and will place calls on PCS and GSM frequencies.

If anyone knows of a less expensive alternative, I’m all ears.

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Just call me Tia

My beautiful niece decided today was the day she’d come into the world.

Last night, as I stepped out from the air-conditioned movie complex into the humid night air, I was startled to find eight messages waiting in my voicemail.

And then I knew.

My brother’s voice sounded steady as he reported that he’d just checked the mom-to-be into the hospital. It would be at least a few hours. Then my mom called three times, leaving sing-song messages (she is REAL excited about becoming a grandmother). Next came a message from one of my cousins (and my brother’s neighbor) complaining about the vending machine selections. Then another message, from another cousin, telling me more of the same. Followed by my mom, again, this time wondering out loud where could I possibly be (watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith) during this momentous occassion and why wasn’t I answering my phone and could I call her as soon as I got her message – if not sooner. The last message was my brother, still sounding remarkably calm considering his life was about to change forever, giving me an update.

Baby decided to join the festivities twelve hours after they entered the hospital at 5:24 a.m. today. Everyone is healthy and well.

All except me! I feel so far away and have to wait til Friday to meet her. I’m feeling uncharactistically morose and anxious about missing almost everything!

Almost everything in the sense that thanks to cameraphones and wireless technology, my brothers and parents and cousins and aunts and uncles are inundating me with photos. So I guess I don’t feel as badly as I could be.

Stay tuned for real pictures of the little princess next week.

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Family Gatherings

 bridal shower

A bridal shower holds so much promise. Family and friends join the future bride to break bread and assist her on the way. Boxes wrapped in pink with oversized bows stack on a table. Floral and spicey perfumes mingle with the scent of crisp bacon and omelets. A cake, shaped like a giant sunflower, sits in a corner.

The maid of honor passes around homemade bingo cards. Games are played. Flashbulbs flash. Cameras whir, spent film cartridges rewinding.

Some women look older, thinner, plumper, shorter. I recognize my childhood conspirator in the face of the woman before me, a baby boy on her hip. My mother sits beside her mother, first cousins, cramming in the last ten years into a 3 hour brunch.

Frayed photos are passed around. Mini-albums pulled out of leather purses. The women proudly showing their loved ones, their young ones, their children and grandchildren.

What is it about women? Living individual lives, yet coming together to ensure their own succeeds? No matter how different, how radical, the common shared traits are often most significant.

Pregnant women, married women, single women, little girls, mothers, daughters, cousins, friends, sisters.

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1st mp3
My new toy *ROCKS.*Here’s a random sample of what I’m listening to now:

AC/DC :: Back in Black
Depeche Mode :: Stripped
Freestylers :: Check the Skillz
Freestlyers :: Don’t Stop
The Hives :: Hate to Say I Told You So
Jane’s Addiction :: Just Because
LaTour :: Blue
Lenny Kravitz :: American Woman
Limp Bizkit :: Rollin’
Mint Royale :: From Rusholme with Love
No Doubt :: Hella Good
Overseer :: Supermoves
Rob Zombie :: Dragula
Smash Mouth :: Diggin’ Your Scene
The Vines :: Get Free

What are you listening to?