Family Gatherings

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 bridal shower

A bridal shower holds so much promise. Family and friends join the future bride to break bread and assist her on the way. Boxes wrapped in pink with oversized bows stack on a table. Floral and spicey perfumes mingle with the scent of crisp bacon and omelets. A cake, shaped like a giant sunflower, sits in a corner.

The maid of honor passes around homemade bingo cards. Games are played. Flashbulbs flash. Cameras whir, spent film cartridges rewinding.

Some women look older, thinner, plumper, shorter. I recognize my childhood conspirator in the face of the woman before me, a baby boy on her hip. My mother sits beside her mother, first cousins, cramming in the last ten years into a 3 hour brunch.

Frayed photos are passed around. Mini-albums pulled out of leather purses. The women proudly showing their loved ones, their young ones, their children and grandchildren.

What is it about women? Living individual lives, yet coming together to ensure their own succeeds? No matter how different, how radical, the common shared traits are often most significant.

Pregnant women, married women, single women, little girls, mothers, daughters, cousins, friends, sisters.


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