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bicycles in Amsterdam

It’s been a brutal month at work. Who’s ever heard of a busy July? I was expecting to cruise along this month, but instead have been running ragged.

This morning I overslept. Standing at a busy intersection, I waved my arm in the air, attempting to hail a cab. That’s when I saw her…. a woman, dressed in a conservative navy blue business suit, her skirt hiked up to her thighs, briefcase slung across her back, riding a bicycle in 3-inch heels.

Most cyclists in DC are couriers, zipping in and out of traffic in their body hugging chromatic uniforms.

But this woman looked completely out of place. It reminded me of my time in Amsterdam – where everyone rode a bicycle…. in suits, in dresses, to the office, from the clubs.

And although I was running late and dreading the day ahead, the memory made me smile.


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