Just call me Tia

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My beautiful niece decided today was the day she’d come into the world.

Last night, as I stepped out from the air-conditioned movie complex into the humid night air, I was startled to find eight messages waiting in my voicemail.

And then I knew.

My brother’s voice sounded steady as he reported that he’d just checked the mom-to-be into the hospital. It would be at least a few hours. Then my mom called three times, leaving sing-song messages (she is REAL excited about becoming a grandmother). Next came a message from one of my cousins (and my brother’s neighbor) complaining about the vending machine selections. Then another message, from another cousin, telling me more of the same. Followed by my mom, again, this time wondering out loud where could I possibly be (watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith) during this momentous occassion and why wasn’t I answering my phone and could I call her as soon as I got her message – if not sooner. The last message was my brother, still sounding remarkably calm considering his life was about to change forever, giving me an update.

Baby decided to join the festivities twelve hours after they entered the hospital at 5:24 a.m. today. Everyone is healthy and well.

All except me! I feel so far away and have to wait til Friday to meet her. I’m feeling uncharactistically morose and anxious about missing almost everything!

Almost everything in the sense that thanks to cameraphones and wireless technology, my brothers and parents and cousins and aunts and uncles are inundating me with photos. So I guess I don’t feel as badly as I could be.

Stay tuned for real pictures of the little princess next week.


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