Half time

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If I had my way, I’d live 6 months in Lisbon and 6 months in Washington, DC. I would divide my life, my possessions, and carry out my daily routines on two continents.


In high school, I knew this girl who had never traveled further north than Boston or south past Providence, RI. The only state line she crossed was Massachusetts into Rhode Island and she had no desire to go further.

No intention of skiing in Vermont or New Hampshire… no appetite to try BBQ from the south… no thirst to tour the great vineyards of California… no longing to watch the sunset from each of the four corners of the globe.

She loved the town we grew up in and couldn’t imagine finding anything worth trying outside of a 45 minute drive.

And I was appalled… I found it inconceivable that anyone could really be happy within such a confined space… with such a limited experience.

Just LOOK at all that poor girl would be missing!

Today it was announced that Gregory Olsen is going to visit the International Space Station in October. The 60-year-old scientist will be testing crystals, for the infrared cameras he manufacturers in New Jersey, when the next Soyuz Space Shuttle mission is scheduled to bring supplies and a new crew to the orbiting station.

It only cost him $20 million.

Hopefully the price will decrease for outerspace trips over the next few decades and I’ll be able to write about my experience traveling to some orbiting space station in 2035. Until then I can plan my eventual dual residence in DC and Portugal.

And try, very very hard, to control my wanderlust.


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