Discovery in space

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NASA celebrates a return to space with today’s successful launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. This mission, the first since the Columbia tragedy more than two years ago, will test the new safety measures in place, including repair techniques. The crew will also participate in three spacewalks to replace broken parts on the International Space Station.

I know some people who don’t realize the shuttle missions halted back in 2003. That shocks me. To them, US space travel is a given, and they take for granted our ability to fly to the heavens.

Not me.

I think it’s a miracle that in one mere century, humans went from riding trains and trading in their horse-and-carriage for an automobile to stepping on the moon. It makes me wonder what new frontiers we’ll embark on in 2105.

How will we communicate? Will the 40-hour work week still exist? Where will tourists vacation? Will we purchase discount tickets on Expedia to one of several space stations? Or perhaps to a resort located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?

In twelve days the shuttle will return to Earth, mission accomplished. Until then, god speed to the crew members on Discovery.


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