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What is God?

To me it is a spirit, a wise being that created everything we see and don’t see. I believe this higher being created something beautiful and then let it’s creation (s) run its course.

Then there’s my mom. A devout Catholic who believes that if you don’t believe in HER god, you will burn in the flames of hell.

But she’s not alone.

My best friend’s Irish parents also believe in one path to salvation.

As do my other friend’s Jewish parents – a path very different from that of my grandparents and parents.

Tonight a Lebanese Christian, a Turkish Muslim, a Greek Orthodox Catholic, a Roman Catholic and an agnostic met over drinks for a meeting of the minds.

We all believed in one God or spirit.

We all agreed that our parent’s faith was significantly different from our own.

What is it about religion? These organized groups and rules that separate great civilizations here on Earth?

Why are we compelled to defend our beliefs, to kill for our faith in  – let’s face it – these man-made religions?

I’m a student of Judaism, Islam, Wiccan, Hindi, Taoism, Confucianism, science and, of course, Christianity – and have come to one conclusion… there is one God, there is no sure path to salvation, and the Golden Mean seems like the surest way to go – “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

I’m a strong believer in Karma – the “wrong” you do will revisit you threefold. How can a person go wrong listening and respecting the opinions of their fellow man?

I was brought up a devout Roman Catholic, but after learning of other religions I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a supreme being, who leaves us to our own devices, and provides us with tools (knowledge) to make decisions, good and bad.

Needless to say, the conversation of the United Nations of Religion was illuminating. Most of us came from the same perspective, while we all agreed that our parents came from stringently different perspectives. It might be a DC thing, but I found the night’s conversation illuminating.

And not one I’ll soon forget.

Especially in light of Northern Ireland’s call to a cease of its violence earlier today.


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