Oh my aching head

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Some of you were curious and wanted an update. It’s been two weeks since my last cigarette and gulp of caffeine.

The first three days were awful because of the headaches… a dull throb that lasted all day. The first few nights I popped a Tylenol PM to fall asleep. By day four I was considering drinking a can of Diet Coke or grabbing a cup of coffee when the headache miraculously disappeared.

So then I started craving cigarettes… all psychological mind you. Just about everyone smokes in DC so I’ve had to change my habits quite a bit. I’ve been avoiding bars like the plague. Instead of meeting friends out for a cocktail, I’ve talked them into going to Teaism or catching a live performance at the Kennedy Center.

Last Friday, I did go out for a happy hour with work colleagues. I had one drink and left. I knew if I stayed I’d swivel in my seat and ask one of the three gentlemen smoking behind me if I could bum a cigarette off them.

And I don’t want to do that because I’ve been so good.

Quitting cold turkey isn’t for everyone, but it’s worked for me. The caffeine withdrawal was brutal… but the headaches only lasted three days. And I’m hoping by November, I’ll be able to stroll into my old haunts and not be bothered at all by the folks smoking around me.

Good luck and best wishes to those of you thinking of quitting a vice or in the process of quitting.


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