Happy New Year

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It’s the Year of the Dog.

Another chance to start the year anew. Recommit to resolutions. Start fresh.

My Resolutions for 2006:

  1. Love more
  2. Travel more
  3. Write more

January flew by like a blur. Granted I spent most of the month in bed or on the couch, medicated and lethargic.

I got out of the apartment and caught an afternoon show of The Matador in Georgetown. It was awful.

And out of the seven teasers plugging upcoming features only one belonged on the big screen. The others were barely DVD-worthy.

Hollywood keeps lamenting the slump in receipts. Maybe if they produced films worth watching in a multiplex, people would return to the theater and not wait for the movies to show up on HBO or DVD.

This last year was especially bad!

Can you recommend any films for my Netflix queue? And what were your favorite flicks from 2005? Have you made any new New Year’s resloutions?


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