Lessons Learned Review

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Scott McClellan

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan says the Bush administration is conducting a lessons learned review into what went wrong with the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina when it hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005.

So I thought I’d conduct a lessons learned review of my own.

  1. If there is a national emergency, I am on my own.
  2. Have a plan – when the infrastructure collapses around me, knowing where I’m going will save stress and ease heartache.
  3. Keep cash on hand – I probably won’t have access to ATMs and banks.
  4. Being insured isn’t the insurance it once was. Save now for that rainy day. If there’s an incident of national significance, I need to be prepared to pay my way for months.
  5. Be prepared to help others along the way…. karma is a two way street.
  6. It is not crazy to stockpile water, cans of tuna, first aid supplies and batteries.
  7. Don’t panic and remember to breathe.
  8. Expect long lines and lots of delays — so carry a couple good books to read during the waits.
  9. It’s better to travel in pairs…. so find a buddy to commiserate with.
  10. Count my blessings and maintain a sense of humor.


Do you have anything to add? Or maybe you’ve got your own lessons learned review?




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