The fork in the road

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With the new year right around the corner, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  I feel as though the last few years have been a lot of the same…  same work, same friends, same  distractions, same goals.

And here’s the deal – I really have no obligations or responsibilities. No mortgage, no husband, no kids. I can be completely selfish and do whatever I want.

So what do I really want?

On the one hand I want to take some classes in archaeology or anthropology… maybe commit to a program and earn a graduate degree.  On the other hand I want to travel everywhere. Then there’s the nagging voice that insists I be practical and save all my pennies to buy property.

The real problem is limited funds.  I can’t afford to do everything.

So I can either : do nothing and next year complain again about how stagnant my life is; choose to make a significant financial commitment to an education or home; or figure out a way to make more money.


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