Show me the money II $$$

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Coin - Eisenhower Silver Dollar

So American contractors are walking around with hollow Canadian coins that transmit information over radio frequencies. Who would have thought?

I mean:

  1. Why are Americans carrying Canadian change anyway?
  2. Is Canadian money easier to fabricate than American? Why not use the Sacagawea dollar?
  3. Who’s to say that contractor won’t use the spy coin to buy her next daily newpaper?
  4. Or leave behind as a tip at the local IHOP?
  5. And won’t the coin metal interfere with the data transmission?
  6. How did the U.S. Defense Department learn of this braniac plan anyway? Was Rumsfeld transmitting info from the change in his pocket?
  7. Since the sensors have a range of only a few feet, wouldn’t the person carrying the coin notice the sketchy fella following close behind?
  8. What if the person hates change as much as I do and gives the offending coin to a homeless person?

Someone needs to fire this criminal mastermind for devising the crappiest surveillance plan in history.


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