When in Rome…

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Rome Rebuilt

Rome Reborn went online today. The 3D simulation shows the ancient city within the 13-mile-long Aurelian Walls as it appeared in A.D. 320. A team of archaeologists, architects and computer specialists recreated the city when it was the multicultural capital of the western world and had reached the peak of its development with an estimated population of one million people.

It’s a nice tie in to my recent addiction to ROME. I’ve watched a lot of miniseries and movies on that great civilization, but HBO’s series truly outshines the others. This stellar program truly depicts the politics, the flavor and day-to-day life of these ancient people. It’s fantastic!

And as a longtime fan of James Purefoy, I’m thrilled to see him in such a meaty role as Marc Anthony.

You won’t regret finding time to check out both the virtual Rome online and HBO’s fantastic  series!


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