A Million Dollars


a million dollars

How would your life change if you won or inherited $1 million?

Let’s face it, one million dollars doesn’t have the buying power it used to. From months reading the Washington Post real estate section I know it wouldn’t buy me a house in my neighborhood. Most of those go for at least $1.2.

But it’s still no laughing matter. It’s enough to make some significant life improvements, but not so much that you’d get stalked by strangers from middle school asking for a “loan.”

Here’s what I’d do with my million:

1. Share half with my immediate family members.

2. Apply to anthropology or archaeology programs in DC  and take a couple years off work to go to school full time.

3. Travel to dig sites around the world and volunteer while waiting to matriculate in a graduate program.

4. Invest in cameras and lenses to document my travels from site to site.

5. Buy a couple new laptops.

6. Splurge on some first edition leather bound books.

7. I would take flying lessons and get a pilot’s license.

8. Upgrade to a 2-bedroom apt. with den.

9.  Save $100,000 for a rainy day.

10. Put $100,000 in a separate account so that I could donate the interest each year to my charity du jour.

What would you do with your windfall?


5 thoughts on “A Million Dollars

  1. Hmm. Probably something like:

    1. Pay off my house and all my debts.
    2. Buy a beach house for my sister. ($300K will go really far in Asbury Park, NJ.)
    3. Give my husband $100K to establish a home studio.
    4. Invest the rest.

    I’m such a bore, but all of that would make me incredibly happy.

  2. 1) Have my mother in law invest a hunk of it (investing is her hobby and she’s GOOD at it).
    2) I wouldn’t have to worry about selling this house when my husband starts school in another state. I’d buy a house there and let this one sit on the market for a while, so we wouldn’t be living apart.
    3) I’d endow the local cat shelter
    4) I’d start applying to grad schools without worrying about paying for it.

  3. Great question…

    1) Pay off debt
    2) Setup trust account for each parent (no money management skills, hence my #1).
    3) Endow scholarship in my grandmother’s name
    4) Buy more camera gear (Canon)
    5) Setup travel fund
    6) Invest the rest

  4. Put it in several different Banks (don’t put all eggs in one basket), and live off the interest.

  5. buy a monkey, and one of those grind organ things. move to nyc and be happy.

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