Talking heads Hello. My name is MALA and I’m a …

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Talking heads

Hello. My name is MALA and I’m a Sunday morning news show junkie. I’ll pour over my Sunday Post, letting my cafe latte grow cold as the pundits drone on and on picking apart one topic after another.

Sometimes they resort to name-calling and flinging accusations. I love that!

Now with the Presidential election soon approaching, other news shows are adopting a debate component into their program. Like the Clinton-Dole debates on 60 Minutes.

In truth, I have never watched their debates. Couldn’t tell you if they’re any good – but considering the ratings, I’m leaning towards NOT! – but you never know. I’ll make an effort to catch the next one and review it.

That said – the airwaves will soon be saturated with debates. Democratic candidates will debate one another leading up to the Primary elections. Followed by the 4 or 5 scheduled Presidential debates.

How many of you watch these? How relevant are these debates in helping you make a decision? What would make the debates better? And how many of you are news show junkies like me?


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